If you are an active Cryptonote miner or you are looking how to mine Geldum, here you can find all information and Software related to it.

You can follow live statistics on Geldum pools from:

Start mining Geldum

Use the Windows Customized Multiminer from multiminer.us

Mine using Geldum GUI Wallet

Mine using XMR-Stack


POOL LIST & STATISTICS: http://pools.geldum.org

PROJECT POOL: www.geldumpool.com
1% FEE for Geldum Development / Marketing

BUBBLEMINE POOL: gdm.bubblemine.com
1% FEE, not official pool

EASYHASH POOL: https://easyhash.pro/gdm/
1% FEE, not official pool

YOUPOOL: http://youpool.io/GDM/
0.4% FEE, not official pool

SUPERBLOCKCHAIN POOL: http://superblockchain.con-ip.com/gdm/
0.5% FEE, not official pool

GETPOOL POOL: https://getpool.org/gdm/
0.5% FEE, not official pool

If you want to learn how to use XMR-Stack to mine Geldum, please refer to this page

Geldum is a Cryptonote Coin, you can find more info about Cryptonight on the algo whitepaper

Is definetely recommended to mine thru a pool, as the probability to find blocks will be much more superior.