How can I restore / recover my wallet?

To restore / recover your wallet from Geldum Desktop Wallet

Option 1: In case you open for the first time

Option 2: In case you already have a wallet and want to import / restore / recover same or different wallet.

Option 1:
Open the wallet and select the option in the middle "Restore wallet from key or mnemonic seed"
Insert your wallet mnemonic seed
Insert the name & Password for your wallet
Open wallet

Option 2:
Go to Settings
Click on Close Wallet
Follow steps from Option 1

When the wallet is starting daemon, select "Custom Settings"

On Settings, write the daemon address of your prefered remote node & port.
You can check a list of nodes at GeldumSphere section.

Click connect

You can follow our instructions here

Your wallet files are stored on the Folder where you downloaded and installed the Geldum Wallet GUI

To backup your wallet:

1- Open your Wallet

2- Click on Settings

3- Click on "Show seeds & keys"

4- Write down your Wallet Mnemonic Seed, Secret View Key, Public View Key, Secret Spend Key and Public Spend Key

5- With that details, you can recover your wallet any time.

Another option is:

- Locate the folder where you download the wallet

- Find the .wallet file

- Copy it to the location of your choice for backup

Which port Geldum use?

RPC: 21937

P2P: 21936

To set up a remote node, you can use either our Dockerfiles.

Otherwise, you can Download our Daemon from here and execute it with the following options:

./geldumd --confirm-external-bind --rpc-bind-ip <yourip> --rpc-bind-port 21937
In case of Domain with dynamic ip:
./geldumd --confirm-external-bind --rpc-bind-ip --rpc-bind-port 21937

Which software I can use to mine Geldum?

Geldum can be minned either with our Customized Multiminer for Windows, or any of the following options:



You can check our updated pools list at